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Minimize Inofficial Meeting of DotNetNukers
Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is well known for tradition and many old houses, standing along the city canals called "Grachten" more or less stable for hundreds of years.

The visit of DotNetNuke core developer Charles Nurse was the initial reason to perform an inofficial meeting with a number of active European DotNet­Nukers at October, 7th 2006.
Core Team member Leigh Pointer organized a comfortable location, where the following persons met (from left to right around the table):

Erik van Ballegoij, Salar Golestanian, Stefan Kamhuis, Charles Nurse, Markus Hamburger, Leigh Pointer, Stefan Cullmann, Vincenç Masanas.
The most astonishing fact about this IT meeting: no laptop has been packed out, no coding took place. How do all these experts explain in their companies, that this was a business meeting?

(front left: Leigh Pointer, right: Charles Nurse and Sebastian Leupold)
Of course, all Europeans have been attending this meeting to get to know about the secrets about DotNetNuke core deve­lope­ment from the man, who does most of the coding. And Charles wanted to know about the demands on the other side of the ocean.
But, of course, DotNetNuke was not the only subjects. Men always gets fascinated by electronic toys - Stefan and Salar exchanged about PocketPC and other subjects.
Meanwhile we changed the location for dinner, to taste typical Dutch dishes. Vincenç is curious, what hides behind names like Braadworstschotel and Stamppot. You can feel Leigh's tension, if this has been the right choice...
  ...but it turned out, that all were completely satisfied - with the meal, the meeting and its organization - a big thanks to Leigh Pointer!
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