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How to install a module

Comprehensive procedure for interactive installation of DotNetNuke module:

  1. log in as host
  2. go to Module Definition item in Host menu
  3. pre-installed modules can be found at the bottom of the page, check it and click "install"
  4. for all other modules: select "Install new Module" from action menu
  5. browse the zip to install, that should contain a .dnn file at top level
  6. click "Upload" (or "Save File", depending on DotNetNuke version)
  7. check the displayed installer log for issues
  8. if no issue is listed, got to the page where you would like to place the module
  9. select the module from the dropdown list in the control center at the top of the page and click add
  10. configure the module and add content or whatever.

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